Living a Great Story…

Thoughts and expression seem to have the most impact on a human day to day life. I find myself feeling more and more distracted by nature and encompassing myself with those who I feel true love for. Holi Colorfest - Let the colors of Holi spread the message of peace and happiness. Our main focus … Continue reading Living a Great Story…


Havasupai Falls 2018!

After a ROLLERCOASTER of issues getting our permits for 2018, we are in!!! May 15-18 will be making the magical journey back to Havasupai to chase waterfalls and enjoy the beauty that is Supai. This was not an easy feat and we are feeling so blessed to be apart of an amazing group of people … Continue reading Havasupai Falls 2018!

What’s the plan for March?

After taking in some unexpected disappointment with permit issues for Havasupai... (Don't ask!) Tamara will be taking a break from the reality. When you are pushing yourself in different directions and focusing on many roads ahead, there is a huge need for excitement beyond your norm. Adventure Fuels The Soul trip has been much needed … Continue reading What’s the plan for March?